Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Book study ideas

Excellent teachers (and well-rounded individuals in general) read to expand their understanding, so you are going to select a book tied to education in order to broaden your horizons. For your first book study, take notes and complete the following tasks (combined into one book reflection S'more):

  • Pretend you are a reviewer of professional learning books for Amazon. Tell teachers why they should read the book you selected. Include the major take away lessons.  (at least half a page) 
  • Write a reflection of how the principles/ ideas/ stories/ etc. connect to or impact you as a student and a learner. (a page or more)
  • Anticipate how you could use the pedagogy in the book in your current classroom placement or in your future classroom or work environment. How does your cooperating teacher model the principles in your book? (a page or more)
  • As you read, write down the questions that run through your brain. Select the questions that focus on big ideas (not small details that get answered at some point in your book) and detail them for the group. (at least half a page)

Books that your colleagues are reading: 

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