Friday, January 6, 2017

Educational Philosophies

An educational philosophy is a set of principles or ideals that guide the way teachers teach. There are 5 big ones in American education. As we are thinking about how we got here, it's a good idea to examine the 5 philosophies and determine which one best matches your teaching practices.

Step 1: We'll take a quick quiz and do some reflection.

Step 2: You'll examine at the big 5 philosophies.

Step 3: Write your Philosophy of Education using the guidelines below. This paper will be due on January 18th--the same day as your dual credit applications.

Directions: Education majors are almost always required to write one of these at some point (and sometimes for job applications), so this is a head start for you. You will update this at various times over the course of your career (and probably at the end of the semester)--your ideas and experiences should always be evolving. Not planning on being a teacher? This is a good reflective activity for you.

Please address all of the areas listed below. You do not need headings (although you may include them), but you should write a multi-paragraph essay and transition smoothly between ideas. Most philosophies are one to two pages in length, single-spaced. You may title your essay “Philosophy of Education.”
Topics to address:
  • What is the purpose of education? Based on our examination of the different philosophies, which best fits your personal view of education? How do you (or will you) express that in your classroom? Please do not define each philosophy.
  • What are your beliefs about how students learn? Consider:
    • instructional strategies
    • classroom management
    • assessment and student data
    • curriculum design/ learning standards
    • student background
  • What sets you apart from other pre-service teachers? Why should an employer consider hiring you?
Your essay will be scoring using this scoring guide.

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