Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reminders and your next article analysis

Things you need to be thinking about:

1. Your research study is due on November 9th. Read the previous posts for more information. We will make your scoring guide next week, so it would be a good idea to have a great start before then. 

2. Dress code--Principals have asked that EIP students avoid wearing jeans with holes above the knees. As the parent of a 4th grade girl, I can tell you that young people are not aware of this trend yet, and parents don't want to have to buy jeans with holes in them. If you must wear jeans with holes, please wear leggings under them. The same goes for short skirts as well. When in doubt, keep it covered. 

3. Field trips--The official permission form can be find on the right side of the blog. Please submit this to me a few days in advance so I can get you excused from class. 

4. Read alouds--Schedule if you haven't, and make sure you do the lesson planning sheet. I need this before I visit your classroom. 

5. Your next article analysis is due on November 30th. This one requires outside research, so everyone could earn a 4 if they do an exceptional job of researching and writing. 

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