Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What do great teachers do? They use Love and Logic.

A few reminders:
1. Schedule your read aloud lesson and make sure you complete this planning sheet at least two days before. You can print it out or email me the link. Make sure you check the calendar when you are discussing dates and times with your teacher.
2. Add your blog address to our blog list if you haven't.
3. Finish your S'more if you haven't.
4. Review your S'more for grammar. If you wrote that you are "a part" of many activities, then you shouldn't be "apart" of those clubs--that means that you are separate from them. Please make corrections if necessary--it's a part, not apart.
5. Some of you have asked what you should have on your blog. I think this blog and S'more are just about perfect, so I'm showing it to you as a model of what should be on your blog.
6. Don't forget that your analysis is due next Wednesday.

As I've been observing last week and this week, I've noticed that many of you are actively engaged in teaching small groups, individual students, and the whole class in some cases. You may have noticed that not every student does exactly what he or she is supposed to do. As an intern, what can you do? You really aren't allowed to "discipline" students, so how can you help them manage their behavior? One thing you can quickly do is start using Love and Logic principles.

Here is an article about Love and Logic and some more specific pointers for teaching with Love and Logic. Read the article first and take notes of the points and ideas that stand out to you. Create this exit ticket graphic organizer on your own paper and fill it out after you have read. We will discuss as a class. Take a picture of your notes and exit ticket to upload on your blog, and hand me the paper copy. I'll assess you on your ability to pull out the most important parts of a text.

Finally, during your blend/ flex time, make sure you finish your analysis, and please make sure your blog is as up-to-date as you can make it.

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