Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Learning Theories

A few reminders:

1. If you haven't scheduled your read aloud, make sure you check out the calendar. Read alouds have been excellent! Here are some book choices so far. These books could be used in so many ways--theme, character development, retelling...

2. Make sure you email your teacher and me if you are going to miss your EIP time.
3. Don't use a kid restroom at your school. Ask where the staff restroom is located.
4. Make sure your analysis is shared with me. Then create a new blog post titled "Analyses" and create a link to your analysis. This is the easiest way for me to assess your work.
5. If you are going of a field trip, you need to submit a signed field trip form to me and to your teacher. The high school office won't know where you are unless we have a field trip form.

So for the past two weeks, you've been thinking about why creativity, questioning, and empathy go together. If you thought about our essential question (What do great teachers do?), you probably came up with a great answer. If you started doing some research before last night, you probably came up with an even better answer. One thing we can add to our study of what great teachers do involves understanding how students learn.  Our goals for this unit include:

We'll start with Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.

 How does this information fit into our exploration of creativity, empathy, and questioning?

 Next, take the My Strengths Test inventory.

After taking the inventory, record your intelligence(s) and areas of "weakness" in a new blog post. Then respond to the following questions in that same blog post:

1. Do you think the results were accurate to who you are? Why or why not?

 2. How do you feel your strengths will help you in your future career?

 3. Explain how you will build on your strengths when working with students at your placement. Does knowing your strengths help you work with students at your placement?

Read this article (especially if you need more information) and complete a classroom study (due next Wednesday).

During your flex time, you are going to start planning step 2 of our learning theories exploration. You will create a presentation to demonstrate:
  • your understanding of learning theories
  • your ability to evaluate the theories
  • your plan for putting them into action into your classroom

Educational Theorists Presentation
Your Goal:
  • Show a basic understanding of the following 5 theorists:  Piaget, Vygotsky, Gardner, Kohlberg, and Erikson.
  • Choose ONE of their theories to prove or disprove with your placement class.
Your Steps for Completion:
  • Gather all of your notes and information. If you need additional resources, you need to do research on your own.
  • Create a PRESENTATION that includes a SUMMARY of  ALL 5 THEORISTS.  Include examples from your placement classroom and how they relate to their theories. Be creative with your presentation--it does not have to be a Google presentation or a Prezi. This site land this site list some presentation sites and presentation ideas that are more creative. You could also do an infographic and embed your video in that format.
  • Then, choose ONE of the theories to prove or disprove.  With a small group of students, create an activity that you are able to implement to test your theorist’s ideas (i.e. conservation in Piaget’s Pre-operational Theory).
  • Record (if allowed) students performing these tasks. Ask your teacher which students can be photographed or videotaped.
  • Include the reactions of the students to the activities in your video. Upload you video to your student youtube account and make the setting unlisted so that no one can search for your video. Embed your video in your presentation.
  • Is your theorist’s theory correct, or did you find some flaws? Include your thoughts in your presentation.
  • Conclude your presentation with your overall opinion of your theory.  Be specific and show your understanding of the theory in your opinion.
  • Embed your presentation on your blog. Share it with Ms. Taylor only. We don't want anyone else viewing your presentations since they feature elementary students.
    Theorist Presentation Rubric

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