Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Read Aloud Lesson

Why are read alouds so important? This article will help you learn about why teachers read aloud to their students, and it will help you prepare for your first formal lesson, which involves reading a book to your students. Please follow the guidelines and directions on this form.

I will observe each read aloud. You need to schedule your lesson some time in September or October. As soon as you have an idea that you have discussed with your teacher, email me at least two days and times that will work for your teacher. I will add you to the calendar (on the right sidebar). Please check the calendar as you are discussing possible dates with your teacher--it fills up pretty quickly.

If you don't have any read aloud ideas, don't worry...yet. Now that you know the expectations, you can start thinking more strategically about what you want to do in your classroom. You can ask your teacher for suggestions, and sometimes mentor teachers provide a book or story that they want their EIP students to read. Just remember that you need to tie it to a standard, and you need to do some sort of quick assessment.

This chapter can help you get more ideas for your read aloud.

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