Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Read Aloud Lesson and Assessment

Choosing a great book and teaching a skill or concept from one of your grade-level standards are really important components of your read aloud lesson. Another important part of this lesson is formatively assessing your students. Check out this list of formative assessment ideas.

It's also time to delve into your first article analysis. Read the articles in this document and watch the Ted Talk. Please make a copy for yourself, add your last name to title, and share it with me. Your annotations and researched analysis are due on Wednesday, September 28th. Please use the comment function to make your annotations. If you don't know what something means, look it up and annotate about it. If you struggle with the reading, read with a friend, a parent, or me. If you aren't the best writer, give it a try. Let's see where you are at. Don't forget to look for additional articles that extend your thinking.

Please "annotate" on our back channel as we watch the Ted Talk:
3rd hour
4th hour
5th hour
6th hour
7th hour

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