Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Creating Your Blog

You will use your blog to record and turn in your EIP work. You should link all of your Google docs in a blog post, and you'll do a monthly post about your EIP experience. Emma created a model blog two years ago. She went above and beyond, but please look at her monthly posts. We do these instead of a daily log because they will give me a more in-depth idea of what you've been doing in your classroom. Please note that you cannot put pictures of children on your blog until you know their parents have allowed the school district to take pictures of them, and you should never put a picture of a child on your social media accounts.

Your blog needs to follow a few set-up rules. Watch this video as you set up your blog.

Go to to get started. Quickly set up a profile (with your school email) if you haven't already, and then create a new blog. You may title your blog with an appropriate title. Your address needs to follow this format:

You need to make a post before you really start playing around with your blog design. Take a picture of your first pre-assessment and insert it into a blog post. Title the post "Pre-assessment 1: What do great teachers do?" If you can't figure out how to insert a picture, google it. Then make sure you label your post in this way: Unit 1, Qualities of an effective teacher

I will need your blog address recorded in an easy format. Copy and paste your blog address on the spreadsheet.

Once you have your blog created, figure out how to embed this video in your second blog post. Make sure you switch to HTML instead of compose.

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